HydroSolutions Inc - Billings Office

HydroSolutions is a Montana-incorporated environmental, water resource, engineering consulting firm founded in 1999, with offices in Helena and Billings. We specialize in hydrology, geology, water rights, environmental and water resource engineering, groundwater, water quality, environmental assessment, and remediation. Our projects and clients are located throughout the West. We have a well-balanced and experienced staff of hydrogeologists, hydrologists, water rights specialists, engineers, geologists, fisheries biologists, NEPA/MEPA specialists, GIS and database specialists, and field technicians.

HydroSolutions is proud to be a veteran-owned business and Montana's founding member of Western Water Market.

Website: www.hyrdosi.com
Email: info@hydrosi.com
Helena office: 406-443-6169
Billings office: 406-655-9555