Rocky Mountain Environmental Associates, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Environmental Associates staff have over 50 years of combined water right experience and are intimately familiar with all facets of the administration of water rights for the state of Idaho.

We provide consulting related to nearly all things water including new water right permits, sales and transfers of water rights, new pond applications, permits for new supply wells, permits for injection wells, and beneficial use examinations.

RMEA also performs the following functions:

  • Research of water rights for prospective real estate purchases (due diligence) including water priority analysis and identification of maintenance issues.
  • Assist on water right filings and acquisitions by outright purchase or by access to temporal sources available from water banking.
  • Assist water right owners on forfeiture risk or other maintenance matters (i.e. ownership updates).
  • Work with legal counsel in water right disputes providing expert hydrologic opinion.
  • Perform beneficial use examinations for the completion of water permit development.
  • Evaluation of water right diversion systems, usage, water reserves, storage, and market values.
  • Provide professional expert witnesses testimony in legal water right litigation for clients in county, district, state, and U.S. courts.


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