TransAlta Skookumchuck/Chehalis River Water Bank

TransAlta is the holder of surface water rights from the Skookumchuck River and is now contracting to sell mitigation options to interested parties in Lewis, Thurston and Grays Harbor Counties. Seller has requested Ecology’s approval to create a trust water bank, and has requested to change the purpose and place of use of the Water Rights to instream flow and mitigation to offset new water rights to be used for any lawful purpose within the Chehalis River Basin - downstream of the historical point of diversion - and groundwater in direct continuity with the river.

The TransAlta water bank is suitable for both seasonal/irrigation and year-round supply needs and can be utilized on an uninterruptable basis at points located downstream on the Skookumchuck River and Chehalis Rivers to the confluence with Grays Harbor.

Water purchasers will be acquiring mitigation “shares” and will work with TransAlta and the Department of Ecology to pursue new mitigated water right permits. Options exist for tailored terms and conditions that will suit a Buyer's needs, including water right permitting support.

The base price per acre-foot/year is $2,750 based on year-round water use.

For additional information view the TransAlta Water Bank FAQs.

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