Interested Buyer for Chelan County Water Rights

Chelan County Natural Resources Department (CCNRD) created a Water Mitigation Program in 2019 to protect senior surface water and groundwater water rights, meet instream flows, and to ensure water reliability for new domestic uses. Under the County’s program, water rights that are surplus to local area needs can be acquired and protected in trust until they are needed for future uses. In the meantime, water is not at risk of relinquishment, it stays in-county to solve local county water supply issues, and it meets local goals for fish protection.

As a part of this effort, CCNRD is partnering with Western Water Market to seek acquisition of groundwater and surface water rights within Chelan County. CCNRD is interested in water rights across the County and is additionally interested in the following focus areas:

• Lake Chelan
• Mission Creek
• Chumstick Creek
• Icicle Creek

Chelan County can offer assistance to landowners who may have surplus water in navigating the Department of Ecology’s permitting process and protect water supplies that may be at risk of relinquishment.

Chelan County operates a water bank to offset impacts to domestic and other water uses, protect senior water rights, and enhance instream flows. More information about our water bank can be found on the County’s website at

Name: Mary Jo Sanborn
Phone: 509-860-2135
Buyer's Interest:
Water Bank
Source of Water:
Surface Water