East Helena Valley Water Rights For Sale

Three water rights are for sale in the east Helena Valley. The first right is a surface water right from Prickly Pear Creek with a purpose of use for marketing for mitigation or aquifer recharge. Up to 103.9 AF per year is legally available for change to different purposes and places of use, depending on the project. Current place of use is the stretch of Prickly Pear Creek between the headgate of the Company Slough Ditch and Lake Helena.

The other two rights are groundwater rights currently used for the purpose of mitigation with up to 0.79 AF per year of transferrable volume each. Scroll to the next image above to view a table with more information on the water rights for sale.

Price is negotiable based on volume.

Contact Russ Radliff 406-443-6169 ext. 101.

Name: Russ Radliff
Phone: 406-443-6169 ext. 101
Available Source:
Surface Water