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Mike Meredith is a hydrogeologist with over 15 years of professional experience, focusing on hydrology, hydrogeology, water rights, and water resources. Mr. Meredith is experienced in technical hydrogeologic analysis including the development of site conceptual models, aquifer test design and analysis, and the application of tools including analytical and numerical groundwater modeling. Additionally, Mr. Meredith is knowledgeable in the application of the R programming language to analyze large bodies of data such as historical streamflow and water quality datasets efficiently and effectively.

Email: info@hydrosi.com
Phone: (406) 655-9555

Teresa Olson works on a range of water rights projects including water court cases, historical use, ownership issues, new permitting, and dispute resolution. Bringing nearly 18 years of experience in the field, she’s also equipped for on-site investigations, water measurement, acting as expert witness, and presenting at public meetings.

Teresa is passionate about educating water users in the complicated world of water rights and using geographic information systems (GIS) for mapping, reviewing, and interpreting aerial photographs, and analyzing historic and present land uses. Teresa has worked for State and Federal agencies as well as operating a private consulting firm.

Email: info@hydrosi.com
Phone: (406) 655-9555

Water Right Management Services:
Certified Water Right Exams
Claims of Beneficial Use
Permit Extensions
Exempt Well Interpretation
Administrative Divisions
Water Source Mgt. Services:
Well Rehabilitation
Well Siting Studies
Sharing Agreements
Water Right Buying/Selling Services:
Full Service
Due Diligence Evaluations
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