John Warinner, PE, CWRE

Based in Aspect Consulting's Bend Office, John Warinner helps people manage water systems, with an emphasis on water rights, water sources, watershed planning, and integrated management of surface and ground water resources. Over the past 30 years, John has facilitated hundreds of water right transactions, as well as the monitoring, assessment, planning, design, permitting and implementation of various types of water systems, including watersheds, rivers and streams, groundwater aquifers, large-scale water delivery systems, irrigation systems, and wastewater and nutrient recovery systems. Since becoming an Oregon Certified Water Right Examiner in 1993, John Warinner has worked closely with private and public clients and the Oregon Water Resources Department (OWRD) to facilitate water right transactions, including applications for new water right permits, water right permit amendments, groundwater claim modifications, water right transfers, and claims of beneficial use. John is also experienced with the application of geospatial technologies for optimal management and dissemination of water-related data and information.

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Listing created Feb 20, 2020