Bourne Water Bank, LLC


The Bourne Water Bank offers mitigation credits for year-round domestic use in the Teanaway River tributary basin and the mainstem Yakima River in Upper and Lower Kittitas County, Washington. The bank also provides mitigated water rights (i.e. Water Budget Neutral (WBN) determinations and mitigation certificates) for rural domestic supply in towns and cities surrounding Cle Elum and Ellensburg and others throughout Kittitas County.

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Areas Served and Packages:

The Bourne Water Bank serves the upper and lower Teanaway, mainstem Yakima, and Kittitas Valley with the following mitigation packages.
- Upper Teanaway: Indoor only
- Lower Teanaway: Indoor + Outdoor (up to 500 sq. ft. of irrigation)
- Mainstem Yakima: Indoor + Outdoor (up to 500 sq. ft. of irrigation)
- Kittitas Valley: Indoor + Outdoor (up to 500 sq. ft. of irrigation)

Mitigation Price and Fees:

  • Water Price: $4,500
  • Administration Fee: $3,000
  • Recording and Escrow Fees: $1,000

The price of both mitigation packages is $4,500. This is the price for the water. Additionally, there is a $3,000 administration fee which includes applying for the water budget neutral (WBN) determination, processing the mitigation certificate, and preparing all convents and documents to be recorded with Kittitas County. Recording, Escrow, and the water storage and exchange contract fees are estimated at approximately $1,000. These costs and the administration fee are covered by an all inclusive $4,000 processing fee. For transactions within the Teanaway, additional conservation fees may be required that are not covered by the processing fee.

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