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RH2 Engineering

Founded in 1978, RH2 is an innovative, full‑service engineering firm specializing in public infrastructure related projects. Our staff includes licensed experts in: water rights, wetlands delineation, environmental assessments, and permitting; civil, mechanical, electrical, chemical, and structural engineering; geology, hydrogeology, and geotechnical engineering; and SCADA and control system design and integration. RH2 is unique for a firm of our size in that we offer an extremely diverse and expansive team of engineering and science professionals who can provide the full range of services required for a typical municipal project or client. Our diverse skill set, together with our medium size, enables us to effectively adapt to the unique needs of our clients, while offering the advanced capabilities necessary to design and manage complex projects.

Andy Dunn and Adam Neff are two of RH2’s water rights experts. Prior to joining RH2, Andy served as a Section Manager and a hydrogeologist/permit writer for the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Water Resources Program in the Northwest Regional Office. His background and excellent working relationship with Ecology’s staff gives him unique insight, allowing him to advise clients on the pathways to success that will be viewed most favorably by Ecology and stakeholders. Adam specializes in water right documentation and administration, hydrogeologic investigations, and GIS mapping and data analysis. His ability to understand and balance the interests of multiple stakeholders while applying real-world experience to solve complex and challenging problems sets him apart from his peers.

Andrew B. Dunn, LG, LHG, CWRE

Adam Neff, LG, LEG, LHG

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