Katherine Ryf, CWRE

Katherine manages the Quincy office of Landau Associates and has over 20 years of experience with water rights and water supply solutions. She is highly knowledgeable of Washington and federal water laws, agricultural practices, and real estate acquisition. Prior to Landau Associates, she has been a water right analyst for multiple state agencies and served as the Board of Directors Vice President and Development Committee Chair for the Friends of Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge. Katherine currently serves on the Grant County Economic Development Council, American Water Resources Association – Washington Chapter Board of Directors and is a regular participant of the Washington State Department of Ecology Water Resources Advisory and Palouse Basin Aquifer Committees.

*** Groundwater Permits for Sale - Quincy. 500 acres of Quincy Basin Artificially Stored Groundwater permits for sale. 3.5 acre-feet per acre, $2,000 per AF.

*** Searching for State Basalt Groundwater Rights in the Quincy Basin for Domestic Use.

*** Seeking Groundwater Rights for Sale in Benton County - WRIA 31 for Domestic and Irrigation Use.

Katherine Ryf, CWRE
(509) 993-6505


Buyer's Interest:
Water Bank
Source of Water:
Surface Water